January 16, 2014 FSB

Don’t be Fooled- Nothing is Private Online

Sarah Pollo, Senior Account Executive and Social Media Director

There has been a lot of chatter recently over the rise of short video loop social media applications like Snapchat, Facebook’s Poke, Instagram’s video service and Twitter’s Vine. And with any new social medium tool comes privacy concerns.

1388678720000-USA-NOW-stillSnapchat is the newest rising star in this category, leading all the others in number of users. Their largest target audience, however, is teens and what tends to be a hot button issue with this group is content. Snapchat has built its platform around the ability for users to share quick, ten second or less video clips with a short message to other users in their network. Then the video clip supposedly disappears.

The central question surrounding this new video sharing service is if disappearing means permanently deleted or just gone from your phone? And the latest privacy issue cropping up for Snapchat has been user complaints over the inability to opt out of linking a phone number with the username.

As social media continues to spur new privacy concerns and the law seems to always be playing catch up, it is important to remember that anything put out in the social media and online realm is public. This goes for businesses as well- not just teenagers.

Social media is here to stay and has become a professional necessity for many industries needing to stay ahead of the news cycle and communicating. But that doesn’t mean we can be careless with its application.

Don’t assume a short video clip you share ‘privately’ with your friends or contacts won’t make its way into a twitter feed or blog post. Always make sure the social media messages you are trying to convey for your clients are approved and won’t be a disaster if spread outside of their immediate network.        


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