The then-Elk Grove Community Services District (EGCSD), now the Consumnes Community Services District, had always been at the center of what makes Elk Grove special, providing parks, recreation and fire services to the community for over 20 years. Unfortunately, few people knew about it, due to resident confusion over which services were provided by the City of Elk Grove and which by the District. In 2005, EGCSD turned to FSB Core Strategies to coordinate and implement a branding, community outreach and public relations campaign that included creation of a new logo, earned media, community meetings, newsletters and a new website among other things.

To create the new brand, FSB held focus groups with community members, followed by a community-wide survey, to accurately assess what the new brand needed to convey. Once the new logo was created and approved, FSB led an internal branding committee for the District that evaluated every aspect of the CSD and determined where and how the new logo and tagline – “Enriching Community, Saving Lives“– could be incorporated. FSB Core Strategies helped develop a number of marketing materials including building signage, marketing pieces, registration forms, employee communications, fire department vehicle signage and even staff clothing.

As a result of our branding campaign, the EGCSD was able to raise awareness within the community as to what it was and the services it provides – Parks, Recreation and Fire.