In 2006, FSB Core Strategies was retained by Ford Motor Company to manage all aspects of Ford’s California Communications. This was during a time when all of the US Automakers were facing colossal losses.

From managing dealer communications and teaming up with Ford Marketing to hold financial literacy seminars all over California, to social media campaigns promoting the Ford Fiesta in 2009 and the Ford Escape in 2012, to launching redesigned vehicles such as the 2010 Ford Taurus, the 2012 Focus Electric and the 2013 Ford Escape, to developing Ford California’s entire Spanish-language communications and outreach plan, FSB has been central to the company’s California turnaround.

FSB has played an integral role in leading Ford’s Spanish language communications plan in California, giving the automaker greater visibility among the Hispanic Market. FSB has worked closely with the Ford Hispanic Communications team to provide strategic communications and media support specific to the greater Los Angeles market. The FSB team works closely with both the traditional Spanish media as well as with social media influencers to promote the work that Ford is doing specifically in the Latino community.

In 2009, when Ford Motor Company was the only US Automaker to not accept bailout funds from the Federal government, FSB used this opportunity to further position Ford in a favorable light with California media. Capitalizing on the success, FSB has continued to work on behalf of Ford Motor Company out of the firm’s two offices. Now focusing on the Automaker’s technological, green and fuel efficiency advances, FSB has successfully cross-pollinated such innovations with comprehensive earned media, social media, thought leadership, grassroots and coalition activities and event production tactics. Ford is now the most profitable US Automaker.