In 2005, FSB Core Strategies was retained by the pharmaceutical industry to assist with the launch of Rx Help for Californians, a free prescription assistance service that matches people with free and reduced-price prescription assistance programs. Rx Help for Californians, now in its seventh year and called the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, has matched over seven million Americans with free and reduced-price prescription assistance programs. Partnership for Prescription Assistance provides a single point of entry for over 2500 brand name and generic medications with access to over 475 assistance programs and accepts calls in Spanish, English and over 150 other languages.

Our efforts over the last seven years on behalf of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance have essentially thwarted any major legislative issues for the pharmaceutical industry in the state of California. Outreach efforts include town hall meetings with state legislators, participation in community and legislative health fairs, conducting legislative briefings and patient advocacy trainings and managing the Help is Here Express when the mobile tour visited the state of California. Through our multi-cultural and multi-lingual outreach efforts to literally hundreds of patient advocacy organizations, state legislators, community groups and county health departments, FSB has greatly raised awareness of this program throughout California and the pharmaceutical industry.