JEFF FLINT, president of FSB Core Strategies, is one of the most widely respected public affairs and political professionals in the state of California. A veteran of legislative and campaign operations, as well as major public relations campaigns, Mr. Flint served as partner with Schubert Flint Public Affairs until April of 2012. Prior to that, Mr. Flint was chief of staff to former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle and vice president and principal at Russo Marsh + Rogers. Mr. Flint is recognized for his ability to design a strategic plan uniquely tailored to each client and their public affairs or political needs. Critical to this design is selecting the appropriate tools for each plan, and then tactically executing the plan with precision and attention to detail.

Mr. Flint's political experience includes serving as an expert researcher on reapportionment issues for then-Caltech Professor Bruce Cain, one of the nation's leading experts on political demographics. He began his political career in the late 1980s, including stints with Assembly Republican Leader Pat Nolan (Glendale/Pasadena) and Assemblyman/State Senator John Lewis (Orange County).

Mr. Flint, a former Naval Reserve Intelligence Specialist, served on active duty in 1991 and 1992 but returned to politics in 1992 where he worked on John Lewis' successful Senate re-election bid and Curt Pringle's successful campaign for state Assembly. He was then chosen to serve as Assemblyman Pringle's Chief of Staff, where he helped build a coalition that would eventually propel Pringle to the post of Speaker.

Mr. Flint returned to the private sector in 1998, helping to elect a number of local candidates in Orange County. Mr. Flint also served as campaign manager for Curt Pringle's campaign for State Treasurer in 1998 and for Mayor of Anaheim in 2002.

He served as vice president/principal at Russo Marsh + Rogers from 1999 to 2001, serving a number of political and public affairs clients. He formed Flint Communications in 2002 and in 2006 partnered with Frank Schubert to form Schubert Flint Public Affairs.

If I weren’t a public affairs professional I’d be aprofessional youth soccer coach.

My first day at FSBI was treated so well I felt like I owned the place…or part of it!

I enjoy working at FSB because… everyone agrees we should work hard and play hard.

When leaving the office for lunch, my favorite mid-town Sacramento restaurant to be seen at is… to be seen…Esquire Grill. To actually eat…Buckhorn Grill! Can’t beat the Bacon Cheese Buck.