cokeFSB Core Strategies was retained by The Coca-Cola Company to assist with earned media and influencer relations around key company initiatives such as Sprite Spark Parks and America Is Your Park in the southern California region. The Coca-Cola Company often faces adversity when it comes to its product line-up. Not only does The Coca-Cola Company offer a full beverage line-up that includes healthy fruit juices, teas and vitamin drinks, it also donates millions of dollars a year to promote active lifestyles through community grants and other corporate giving efforts.

Both Sprite Spark Parks and America Is Your Park were two corporate initiatives that rewarded schools and parks with grants to resurface basketball courts, add playground equipment, rehabilitate facilities and, in some instances, build new parks. For both of these initiatives, as well as other smaller campaigns, we engaged print, radio, television and online outlets to help spread the word about the initiatives, encouraged people to vote and ultimately promoted those parks that won the dollars. Working in conjunction with our earned media campaign, we also engaged in an aggressive influencer campaign that targeted southern California school board members, business leaders, local and civic leaders, philanthropic leaders and state and congressional representatives in an effort to cross-promote the initiatives. We met with influencers to discuss the programs and asked them to in turn promote Sprite Spark Parks and America Is Your Park through constituent newsletters, e-blasts, at speaking engagements and at town hall meetings.

After all was said and done, our team garnered nearly a hundred media and influencer impressions in southern California print, radio, television and online outlets on behalf of both initiatives over an 8-week period. Nearly $100,000 was distributed to southern California schools parks through the Sprite Spark Parks and America Is Your Park program.