wcaFSB was retained by the Western Car Wash Association (WCA) to provide overall management of the association, including membership outreach and retention, legislative monitoring, ongoing protection from adverse regulatory policies, maintenance of the association’s website and oversight of all collateral production, including a quarterly magazine. WCA represents 12 western states in the U.S. and implements a coordinated public affairs campaign each year to deal with the ongoing attempts bywca 2 activists and policy makers to restrict the business operations of car washwca 3conveyers, detailers, self-serve, in-bays, supplier, distributors and manufacturers. Our firm is currently working with the WCA lobbyist in California to respond to the State Department of Labor Standards’ recent legislation requiring all car wash owners with more than one employee to take out a $150,000 bond to in order to continue to operate in the state. This has caused many new car wash owners just starting out in the industry to shut down or avoid complying with the law, as the bond is out of their financial means. Our firm is identifying WCA’s potential and existing members affected by this harmful regulatory policy and communicating the adverse affects it has on the industry, economy and for the small business owner and their employees. Additionally, with California’s fourth consecutive drought year, FSB is working to communicate WCA members’ positive water recycling stories with the public and key legislative targets to prevent additional adverse regulatory policies in this area.