Building starts long before the shovel hits the earth. Local, state, and many times federal permits are needed, and gaining early community support is crucial.

FSB Core Strategies is recognized by land developers, private corporations, and government entities alike as the leading community outreach specialty firm. When we say community outreach, we don’t mean a junior staff member reaches out to one or two community groups in a project area and calls it a day. We capitalize on every member of the FSB team and the relationships they bring to a project. We’ve worked in diverse multilingual communities with key organizations, community leaders, business executives, and local elected officials throughout the state, forming allies through in-person visits, community meetings, and attendance at third-party events.

Our community outreach work, which traditionally centers on themes of infrastructure, has caught the attention of clients in other industries such as healthcare, automotive, technology, and pharmaceuticals. We proudly undertake community outreach on behalf of a number of clients, representing very diverse industries.